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Wed 6 Jun 2018

Summer pond care; beating the algae

Pond Care Beating the Algae Pond keepers often face the hugely common problem of algae. Fortunately it’s a problem that can be overcome. This blog post will help with pond care by differentiating between the two predominant types of algae and discussing the best ways to get rid of them. Identifying the type of algae Most […]


Thu 8 Mar 2018

Creating a wildlife pond

How to create a Wildlife Pond by Grant Barker, Aquatic Department Supervisor, St Bridget Nurseries, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary, Exeter. Wildlife ponds as the name suggests should attract wildlife as well as becoming a long term home for a variety of aquatic species such as amphibians. It is also customary to use exclusively native […]


Fri 7 Jul 2017

Pot ponds

When it comes to having a pond, you don’t need a mansion with a pond the size of a lake (though if you have a mansion why not)! Many ponds, especially ponds for wildlife, can be created in a simple pot. As well as attracting a range of insect life and maybe the odd amphibian, […]


Tue 17 Nov 2015

Taking New Fish Home

If you are new to fish keeping, having spent time preparing your pond and aquarium you want to ensure your fish get to their new home is a peaceful manner. This is easy when you follow our simple guide to taking new fish home. We will give you some tips when you buy your fish […]


Tue 12 May 2015

Fill up your pond with plants

The month of May is time to focus on your garden pond. Start by thinning out established aquatic plants. You can do this by either cutting them back or lifting them out and dividing them (literally use your hands or a spade to break the plant down, you’ll see the natural opportunity to make lots […]


Thu 5 Mar 2015

Fish of the Month - March 2015

Fish of the month: Gold white cloud minnows. 10 fish for just £5! With a beautiful gold body with red markings toward the tail and on each side of the head. The Gold White Cloud is a peaceful schooling fish that adds colour and energy to a freshwater aquarium. These fish will do well in a community aquarium with […]