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Tue 4 Jun 2019

Green ‘pea soup’ water in ponds

Lots of customers are having problems with their ponds because the water is turning green. Green ‘pea soup’ water in your pond is awful but alas, it can be treated. Caused by algae growth more often than not, this problem is usually due to a lack of aquatic plants – or the wrong balance of […]


Mon 20 May 2019

Getting the best from your garden in May

Getting the best from your garden in May Thinking of doing some gardening this bank holiday weekend? Here’s a handy reminder of what type of garden tasks should be completed at this time of year….   Trees shrubs and flowers Stay on top of weed growth by hoeing- ensure that the kitchen garden and ornamental […]


Mon 13 May 2019

St Bridget Garden Centres at the Devon County Show 2019

St Bridget garden centres will be attending Devon County Show (www.devoncountyshow.co.uk) again this year, in the Craft & Garden Marquee on Avenue R and we’re expanding this year! Not only will be have our trade show exhibit of amazing home grown plants but our 1925 Kitchen Café team will be providing the catering in the […]


Thu 8 Nov 2018

Fish of the month

Our fish of the month is the Madagascar Rainbow fish also known as Bedotia geayi.  The Madagascar Rainbow fish is generally a peaceful fish and mixes well with other species. As a schooling fish, they will need to be kept in groups of at least six to be content. Ideal for larger tanks, these eye-catching fish will […]


Sat 21 Jul 2018

Exeter Wildlife Garden Award

Exeter Wildlife Garden Award The innovation The importance of wildlife is easily undermined in a city, so making a conscious effort to provide wildlife with shelter, food and water in your garden is a great idea. The Devon Wildlife Trust is creating a map of wildlife gardens across Exeter by identifying wildlife gardens across the […]


Fri 25 May 2018

Wildlife in May

Wildlife in May The beauty of May and it’s wildlife May holds a place in everyone’s heart- if it isn’t the excitement of the new leaves and greenery, the colours of the fresh flowers or the promise of warmer weather then it must be the birdsong and buzzing of bees that epitomises May. Make sure […]


Sat 8 Jul 2017

Calling all Garden Explorers!

Get ready for a new BBC documentary, The British Garden: Life & Death on Your Lawn. This will air on BBC Four on Tuesday 11th July at 9pm. Garden Explorers In this 90 minute BBC Four film, Chris Packham and a team of wildlife experts spend an entire year as garden explorers. Exploring every inch […]


Fri 7 Jul 2017

Pot ponds

When it comes to having a pond, you don’t need a mansion with a pond the size of a lake (though if you have a mansion why not)! Many ponds, especially ponds for wildlife, can be created in a simple pot. As well as attracting a range of insect life and maybe the odd amphibian, […]


Wed 10 Jun 2015

Plants for Bees

Thank you to Dani Furlong for a brilliant question sent to our plant doctor today. Dani asked, “What plants can I put in pots to attract bees?”. We answered as follows: There are numerous plants for bees you could plant in pots but the balance you may have issue with is between plants for bees and […]


Sun 15 Feb 2015

National Nest Box Week

Valentine’s Day marks the start of the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) National Nest Box Week. Garden birds are pairing off and beginning to look for nesting sites so it really is the perfect time to add a nest box to your garden. We have a lovely selection in both our garden centres with different […]