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Sun 25 Nov 2018


Fluctuating surges of temperature, dry air, short days and limited natural light are the four main problems affecting houseplants as the winter months draw near. To alleviate the strain on your beloved houseplants then remember to take extra care of them over the next few months to keep them happy.    WATER LESS This may […]


Wed 3 Oct 2018

Preparing your greenhouse for winter

WINTER GREENHOUSE PREPARATIONS As the most incredible summer now progresses into Autumn; we turn our efforts to the next stage in our garden activities – preparing plants for frost protection. If you have a greenhouse to over winter plants a little groundwork and preparation now will reap rewards later. To begin you will need to […]


Fri 2 Mar 2018

Primrose Festival Results!

Primrose Festival 2018 During February half term we held a Primrose Festival in our garden centres, showcasing a wide selection of the wonderful members of the primula family. We asked all our customers to vote for their favourite primula variety. The winner is… We have now counted and verified all votes. There was a clear […]


Wed 24 Jan 2018

End of the January blues - let's get gardening

So we’re nearly there, the end of the January blues – let’s get gardening! Sow your vegetable seeds As we near February it’s a good time to consider what vegetables you want to grow in the garden. Many vegetable seeds can be sown indoors from February such as Asparagus, Beetroot, Summer Cabbage, Lettuce, Parsley, Early […]


Wed 17 Jan 2018

Tips from Tammy - January

January can be a harsh month and one where we don’t venture out into the garden very much, if at all. But it’s also the time of year when gardens are planned and we can start to get some of those early seeds on their way, ready to provide food for our tables or flowers […]


Sat 25 Feb 2017

Check for Wind Damage

Wind damage? Time to check the garden Now that we’ve seen the back of Storm Doris, it’s a good time to get out into the garden and check for wind damage. Secure climbers if necessary and if any newly planted trees have moved then re-plant and stake them. Prune and support Look up into tree […]


Tue 9 Feb 2016

February Beds and Borders

We’ve been asked what could be done in garden beds and borders in February. Providing the soil isn’t so wet that it sticks to your boots and garden tools, February is a good time to look over your beds and borders to ensure plants are given the best start to the growing year and perform […]


Wed 20 Jan 2016

January lawn care

Providing your lawn is not currently flooded, there are a few ways you can help keep your lawn look nice this January with our January lawn care tips. Firstly you can redefine lawn edges using a half moon edger tool. This is easy to use, you simply place the half moon shaped blade where you […]


Tue 19 Jan 2016

Frost protection

There are lots of ways the cold can damage your garden. Here are our frost protection top tips: Stop pots from freezing by raising them on bricks or pot feet then you can wrap bubble wrapping insulation around them and keep them in a sheltered spot. If you have a pond that contains fish, place […]


Mon 18 Jan 2016

Save water

It feels like it’s rained for 40 days and 40 nights at least here in Devon and although today is Blue Monday (18th January 2016) and once again it is raining we’ve decided to look on a positive opportunity – save water! Long range forecasts are suggesting we might just have a hot summer and […]