Our brand new Autumn Radio Advert is here

We love working with the Heart Radio creative team on our adverts. Trying to communicate all that we do in 30 seconds is quite difficult.

To summarise the important parts of your garden to focus on in the autumn we recommend:

Planting spring flowering bulbs

Giving the Lawn a bit of TLC, scarifying, aerating and giving an autumn feed and weed treatment.

Planting autumn coloured shrubs for stem colour and berries.

Planting soft fruit like raspberries and blackberries plus your currants for a bumper crop next year.

Buying roses and trees bare rooted – cheaper for you, better for the plant.

Updating the tool shed, clear out all your old and unwanted hand tools in our tool recycling programme. We’ll give you 10% off the price of new tools in return.

Have a listen to our Heart Radio advert.