Fish of the month - Santa Platy (xiphophorus) 

Our fish of the month is the Santa Platy (xiphophorus) 

These peaceful yet very active little fish are extremely popular by aquatic enthusiast worldwide. Easy to care for and lovely to watch they are a great addition to most aquatic communities.

Although not a schooling fish Platys thrive in groups and mix well with other breeds such as Guppies and Mollies.

Don’t let size deceive you, they may be small (Males up to 1.5 inches and females up to 2.5 inches) but this species of topical freshwater fish are extremely active so will need a ten gallon tank for no more than five adult fish.

These beautiful little fish come in lots of colours but as it’s Christmas we’re offering our ‘Santa Claus Platy’ for just £1.50 each!