National Gardening Exercise Day

We discovered that in America there is a National Gardening Exercise Day!

We love anything with the word Gardening in it and we know that ‘Gardening is Good For’ You so we are spreading the word. Depending on how much ‘oomph’ you give it, gardening can give you a really good work out, building muscles, burning calories as well as giving you therapeutic benefits of working outdoors.  If you are going for a big session, remember to stretch your muscles first.

Gardening activities that are fantastic for working your muscles and for burning calories include hand weeding, digging, planting, pruning, hoeing, mowing (with a push mower) and raking.

As you are moving around your garden and bending up and down you will be doing a lot with your body, increasing your heart rate. You’ll also find that gardening can be a great stress buster too, take all your frustrations out on a few weeds and enjoy the sound of birdsong and relaxing fragrance from your plants.

So what are you waiting for? Plant some plants, pull those weeds and start gardening today.

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