New Fish available this week (from 23rd November)

As well as many of the fish listed on last week’s availability list, this week we have the following new fish available at our Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary, Exeter garden centre (EX5 1AE).

New fish available from Friday 23rd November

Aulonocara sp. Strawberry

Aulonocara ussisya

Clown Plecostomus L104

Rusty Plecostomus

Sabaji Plecostomus L75

Spotted Doradid Catfish

Green Brochis

Porthole Catfish

Snow-White Guppy

Silver Halfbeak

Female Siamese Fighter

African Butterfly Fish

Silver Hatchet Fish

Peppered Corydoras

Neon Tetra


All our livestock are quarantined for a minimum of 7 days prior to sale. If there are any fish of interest to you, please call (01392 876281) to check stock and avoid any disappointment before making a special trip. On occasion, livestock may be held in quarantine longer than 7 days if they do not meet our strict quality control criteria.