Special Offers

Special offers across our plant and aquatic departments.

Special Offers plants

Our special offers on our plants range can be found across both of our stores, Old Rydon Lane and Sidmouth Road. Click here for contact information and how to find us.

6 pack of Geraniums for only £5

Geranium Tango. Hot pink variety.

Geranium tango in hot pink.
Special offer 6 pack for £5.

A pack of 6 of the hugely popular upright (zonal) geraniums which are perfect for adding colour to your pots, window boxes or hanging baskets.



Here are our tips for caring for your geraniums to keep them flowering all summer long;

Buy 2 get 1 free 50 litre compost bags

Levington Multi purpose compost with added John Innes

Levington multi purpose compost, with added John Innes

Levington Multi purpose compost with added John Innes. Special offer 3 for 2.

This is a great compost which can be used for seeds, houseplants, bedding plants, hanging baskets and many other things! It contains key minerals for plant growth such as nitrogen and has a unique texture that promotes root strength.

We recommend using this compost alongside regular watering for the best results.

Buy 1 bag for £6.99 or 3 for £13.98.


Alpine plants in 7-9cm pots £2 each or 3 for £5

A few of the alpine plants that we have for sale in our garden centres. We have a wide variety of alpine plants avaliable at £2.00 each or 3 for £5.00.

Some of the alpine selection we have in our nurseries. Special offer 3 for £5.

Alpine plants are amazingly versatile plants that can bring colour to somewhere as grey as a gravelled area. These plants will flourish in any sunny spot with free draining soil, you can even plant them in cracked stone walls!!

Alpines are also great for building a rockery and adding some colour and interest into your garden.


We have a large selection of alpines in stock in both of our centres, a few on our ‘looking good list’ are;

Arabis blepharophylla, Delosperma congestum, Delosperma sutherlandii, Lychnis, Phlox ‘Amazing Grace’, Pulsatilla, Sempervivum and Sedum ‘Cape Blanco’.

Herbs in 9cm pots £2 each or 10 for £15

Fresh herbs are a great addition to any garden.

Fresh herbs are a great addition to any garden. Special offer 10 for £15.

Growing herbs is a great way to add interest to your kitchen garden. They are aromatic and attractive and have the added benefit of being edible!

Herbs are hugely versatile all have their unique flavours. Herbs are brilliant to use fresh in meals and baking or infused into oils or honey. Whilst they are great fresh, if you can’t use all of your harvest we recommend chopping up the herbs finely and freezing them in an ice cube tray with oil for using in your cooking whenever!

Most herbs prefer sunny positions and they can be grown in the garden, in pots or even in growing bags. Make sure to keep the compost moist with regular watering, but ensure that you never have soggy compost.

Our ‘looking good list’ as it stands;

Bay, Chives, Coriander,Garden Mint, Marjoram, Mint ‘applemint’, Mint ‘aftereight’, Mint ‘eau de cologne’, Parsley, Purple sage, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme.

Aquatics special offers

FInd all of these special offers in our Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary centre which has a large aquatics department.

Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium now with free cabinet- was £430 now £265

Cabinet available in black, oak and walnut.

Fluval Roma Aquarium 200L. On black cabinet.

200L Fluval Roma Aquarium with Black cabinet. Special offer free cabinet with the aquarium.

This 200L tank from Fluval is a great aquarium for anyone looking to keep fish. The LED lights promote the growth of plants within the aquarium and give the fish enhanced colour. The tank also has a filter system, heater and thermometer making it simple to look after and keep at the optimum conditions for your fish.

This is a huge saving with a FREE cabinet with the purchase of the tank. The cabinet is available in 3 colours so you are guaranteed to find a cabinet that suits your preferences.


Playful Otters water feature 10% Off

Water feature was £129.99 Now £116.99


Water fearure- otters playing around a bucket

Playful otters water feature. Special offer 10% off.

This is a perfect water feature for any garden. It has a charming hand painted display of two ‘playful otters’ with one in a bucket that is filling with the flowing water from the tap and one watching on. The feature is lit by LED lights which can give an attractive but subtle affect at night.

We recommend topping up and cleaning the water regularly in order to keep the feature in good condition.

All Tetra Fish Food 20% off mark price

Tropical fish food made by Tetramin. Avaliable in our aquatics department at Clyst ST Mary

Tetramin Tropical Fish Food, one of the varieties of Tetra fish food available in our SIdmouth Road. Special offer – 20% off.

We have a large range of tetra fish food in our Sidmouth Road store Aquatics department.


For advice on which fish food is best suited to your fish, pop into our Sidmouth Road store or ring them on 01392 876281 as they will happily talk you through with their extended knowledge on the subject.


Threadfin Rainbow fish was £3.20 now £1.95

Several threadfin rainbow fish swimming in an aquarium

Threadfin rainbow fish. Special offer was £3.20 now £1.95

This beautiful fish is known for its long and ‘thread’ like fins and can grow to a length  of up to 4cm.





Care advice

Speak to one of our experts at Sidmouth road to find out about the compatibility of these fish with any others that you may have!

Fluval “06 series” & “FX series” filter media all 3 for 2 mix and match

Filter media made by Fluval. 500g box.

Fluval filter media. Special offer mix and match any 3 for 2.

Filter media is perfect for putting in your filter to adapt the quality and amount of water coming out to create the perfect conditions and environment for your aquarium.

As it is important to choose the right filter media for your fish, we reccomend speaking to our experts in out Clyst St Mary store to work out the best kind for you.

This offer gives the cheapest of your 3 items free.