Blagdon Minipond Pond Filter 10000

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Blagdon Minipond Pond Filter 10000 30% OFF


Key Features:

  • Venturi aeration chamber oxygenates water on entry
  • Powerful UVC guarantees algae free water
  • So easy to clean – just lift out the stainless steel mesh screen which stops most dirt entering the body of the filter
  • Graded foams x 3 trap smaller molecules
  • A bed of professional ceramic media encourages friendly bacteria growth
  • A fine, replaceable polymer wool pad catches tiny ‘cloud’ particles, polishing the water for a gin-clear appearance
  • Finally carbon impregnated removes traces of any chemicals before clean water re-enters pond
  • Water returns to the pond via (optionally) 2, 3 or 4 outlets (extension hose can be easily connected if necessary)
  • UV Lamp: 18w
  • Inlet size: 20-32mm
  • Outlet sizes: 40mm