Hozelock Pond Grabber

The Hozelock Pond Grabber can be a great help when reaching to remove detritus from a pond.

Ideal for removing unwanted litter and debris from the surface with a simple trigger operation and robust shaft.

The pull and twist action shaft means that you can change the angle from a vertical to horizontal claw action dependent on the situation.

Equipped with a robust plastic coated shaft the Hozelock Pond Grabber has a total length of 90cm and features a unique twist and lock mechanism which allows the grabber head to be used either vertically of horizontally.

With rubberised grabber pads your pond liner is safe from harmful sharp edges

The grabber is also ideal for general garden maintenance or to remove leaves and litter from hard to reach areas.

To protect your back, you will not have to bend down too far to pick items up. Ideal for use around the house too!