JBL NovoColor 30% off 250ml

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Flake food for aquarium fish 3 to 20 cm length.Selected raw ingredients with valuable carotenoids and Omega 3 fatty acids enhance brilliant colouring.


JBL NovoColor 30% off 250ml

  • The use of pure fish protein without cheap fish meal
  • Optimal protein/fat ratio
  • Mainly proteins from water animals
  • Reduction of algae growth and optimum fish growth thanks to adapted phosphate content
  • Impressive acceptance on the part of fish: research expeditions with fish feeding trials in the wild
  • Very slight vitamin loss due to airtight sealed packaging

This product is available from our Clyst St Mary garden centre while stocks last. Please call our aquatics team on 01392 876281 to reserve yours today.

Offer valid during April 2019 only.