JBL ProPond Spring Food 40% off Small

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Complete feed with proper protein fat ratio of 3:1 according to NEO index, water temperature, function, animal size and age.


JBL ProPond Spring Food 1.1kg

A complete food with the right protein/fat ratio 3:1 in accordance with the NEO index which takes temperature, function, animal size and age into account

  • With salmon, soya, shrimp, wheat, spinach and spirulina for vigorous and healthy koi (at 10-20 °C water temperature)
  • Food size S (3 mm) for fish 15-35 cm.
  • Floating food wafers with 25 % protein, 8 % fat, 3 % crude fibre and 8 % crude ash.
  • Food wafers in resealable bag (air, water and lightproof) for the preservation of quality

This product is available from our Clyst St Mary garden centre while stocks last. Please call our aquatics team on 01392 876281 to reserve yours today.

Offer valid during March and April 2019 only.