Marina Vue 60 Aquarium and cabinet now £170 when purchased together

£ 210.00 £ 170.00

Marina Vue 60 Aquarium and cabinet now £170 when purchased together


Vue 60 Aquarium  and Vue 60 Cabinet now £170 when purchased together

The Marina Vue  60 is a seamless modern designed Aquarium with unobstructed viewing pleasure complete with storage cabinet.

The 60 litre aquarium has been developed by engineers of precision, skill and professionalism at Marina to provide the user with functionality fused with a sophisticated design ethos.

We highly recommend installing the Marina Vue 60 Aquarium on a purpose built aquarium stand or cabinet the same size or larger than the footprint of the aquarium. If you do not, this will void your warranty as with the manufacturer’s warranty also.

At a Glance

Aqaurium Dimensions (LXWXH), 61cm x 30cm x 39cm (dimensions do not include hood)

Cabinet Dimensions, (LxWxH), 61.2cm x 30.8cm x 66.5cm

Over All Dimensions (LxWxD) 61.2cm x 30.8 cm x 105.5cm (dimensions do not include hood)

Volume, 60 litres

Beneficial growth and health enhanced results in fish, plants and other inhabitants

Easy to set up

Beautifully elegant design

Versatile structure made from durable materials


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