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St Bridget Nurseries

Established in 1925, St. Bridget Nurseries is still a family business now in its fourth generation. It is one of the oldest and most well-established nursery and garden centre businesses in the UK today that grows over 2000 different varieties of plants including shrubs, roses, herbaceous perennials, conifers, seasonal crops, ornamental & fruit trees!

We’ve been growing beautiful plants on our nursery in Exeter for over 88 years and our home-grown plant department really is the gardener’s choice. We are an independent family run company and our two garden centres have something for everyone whether you are a novice gardener or an expert. Our staff are at hand to assist you and with a restaurant at each centre your family can enjoy a full day out.

We look forward to helping you to make the most of your garden.


Solanum crispum Glasnevin - a beautiful climber.

One of our beautiful home-grown plants, Solanum crispum Glasnevin.

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Browse the latest St Bridget 2016 catalogue, a full directory of all of our plants. Viewable in a new window as flipping book, searchable & downloadable too.

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