St Bridget Nurseries Blog

Mon 17 Jun 2019

Prune early flowering deciduous shrubs now

For plants that flower in spring or early summer AND lose their leaves in winter (deciduous plants), now is the time to prune unless you only planted them this year. Pruning immediately after flowering allows the maximum time for development of young growth to provide next year’s flowers before the end of this summer.   […]


Wed 12 Jun 2019

St Bridget Nurseries wins National Homes & Gardens Family Business of the Year!

On Thursday 6thJune London’s Mayfair Hotel hosted the annual Family Business of the Year awards and you’ll never guess who won?!   That’s right, we did…. and to top it off, we were also joint runners-up in the South and South West Regional Category. Amazing!  During the course of the evening, celebrations took place in honour […]


Wed 5 Jun 2019

National Gardening Exercise Day

We discovered that in America there is a National Gardening Exercise Day! We love anything with the word Gardening in it and we know that ‘Gardening is Good For’ You so we are spreading the word. Depending on how much ‘oomph’ you give it, gardening can give you a really good work out, building muscles, […]


Tue 4 Jun 2019

Green ‘pea soup’ water in ponds

Lots of customers are having problems with their ponds because the water is turning green. Green ‘pea soup’ water in your pond is awful but alas, it can be treated. Caused by algae growth more often than not, this problem is usually due to a lack of aquatic plants – or the wrong balance of […]


Mon 3 Jun 2019

Summer Bedding

June is the month to plant out your bedding and other half-hardy/tender plants while the risk of frost has hopefully now passed. Jargon Buster: Tender basically means they generally don’t tolerate cold weather and half hardy means they can tolerate it a bit more but a really cold snap could kill them There are lots […]


Mon 3 Jun 2019

Tropical fish of the month

Cherry Barbs are brightly colored fish and one of the most popular in their family. Their bright colors and schooling nature are adored by aquarists of all levels. They are hardy fish which makes these fish perfect for experts or beginners. However, if you are just starting out, take a look at the process at […]


Wed 29 May 2019

It's Hydrangea Season

It’s Hydrangea season! This stunning Hydrangea macrophylla Renata is usually blue in colour but will change colour with the pH of the soil. The more alkaline the soil, the pinker the flowers. The more acidic the soil, the bluer the flowers.  To keep your hydrangeas blue, plant in a pot filled with ericaceous compost you […]


Fri 24 May 2019

New range of Tropical Fish

Exciting news, we have a whole new range of Tropical Fish at our Clyst St Mary Aquatics Centre, available from 24th May 2019. Aquarium fish Cherry Shrimp Yellow Fire Shrimp Japonica Shrimp Halfmoon Betta Super Delta Dumbo Ear Betta Male Super Delta Betta Dwarf Yellow Puffer Pearl Gourami Cherry Barb Bristlenose Catfish Jack Dempsey Cichlid […]


Mon 20 May 2019

Getting the best from your garden in May

Getting the best from your garden in May Thinking of doing some gardening this bank holiday weekend? Here’s a handy reminder of what type of garden tasks should be completed at this time of year….   Trees shrubs and flowers Stay on top of weed growth by hoeing- ensure that the kitchen garden and ornamental […]


Mon 13 May 2019

St Bridget Garden Centres at the Devon County Show 2019

St Bridget garden centres will be attending Devon County Show (www.devoncountyshow.co.uk) again this year, in the Craft & Garden Marquee on Avenue R and we’re expanding this year! Not only will be have our trade show exhibit of amazing home grown plants but our 1925 Kitchen Café team will be providing the catering in the […]